• Learn to earn by freelancing

    This combo includes 3 courses

    Course 1: Market Positioning for Freelancers & Small Business Owners

    NOW with over 20 pages worth of examples! - of different freelancer types and small businesses so you can get better insight on how to form your own value proposition and how to apply value principles to win customers.

    This course is intended for Freelancers or Small Business Owners providing services to customers. In this course will help you:-

    ·With strategies for identifying your strengths and why customers should value you

    ·Turn those strengths into viable Value Propositions

    ·Worksheets for formulating your Value Proposition(s)

    ·Help you differentiate yourself from the competition

    ·Worksheets on strategies for finding potential customers

    ·Sound principles that you can apply to your own value proposition to help you create a strategy for turning potential customers into actual clients.

    This course will not teach you how to become a freelancer or small business owner. This course is about what to do to increase your potential of success

    Course 2: Effective Pitching Skills

    The Effective Pitching Skills course is about making you feel more aware of what happens when you pitch. You can think of it as everything you should do, expect actually creating the slide deck (but it does provide assistance in that area too)

    What will you learn? That’s a great question (dealing with questions) let’s set something in stone, there is no right or wrong here! Only better or worse. Through my years as a trainer, I have learned that first of all, the Pitcher needs to know what style he feels more comfortable with – that’s the corner stone of it all. So you will learn different styles and different key pitching facts (about audience, attention span, types of questions, etc.) that each and every one can choose to focus on, and it will give you more confidence and improve your skills. Remember, you can’t become a perfect Pitcher overnight, it takes practice. But it helps where you have choices to focus on.

    Course 3: 6 Shortcuts to Powerful Persuasion

    The ability to influence is not simply inborn. We can learn to become dramatically more successful at it. For centuries, the ability to be influential and persuasive has been thought of as an art, but there's also a science to it. And if it's scientific, it means it can be taught. It can be learned. So we all have the potential to become more influential as a consequence.
    Inspired by the bestselling book “Influence: The psychology of Persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini, this course provides an insight into the key findings of Cialdini’s work.
    Using a combination of rich media including animation, video, audio and imagery the course provides an overview of Cialdini’s six universal principles of influence that when used appropriately can significantly increase the probability of success in getting compliance to a request.

    To see the demo videos please click on "Market Positioning for Freelancers & Small Business Owners" , "Effective Pitching Skills" and " 6 Shortcuts to Powerful Persuasion


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